Zipline Telluride!

Telluride has a brand new adventure activity, and it’s one that is bound to give you an adrenaline rush! Zipline Telluride! Soar above the canopy of trees while looking on at the San Juan mountain range all around you. Experience 5 ziplines, 2 aerial bridges, and 2 rappels. Reaching 140 feet off the ground, enjoy an adventure in the tree tops and a bird’s eye view of the surrounding San Juan Mountains that you’ll never forget!

A few team members of the Alpine Lodging staff got to experience this new alpine zipline adventure last week, and here are a few snapshots of the day!

Zipline straight towards Wilson Peak!

Even the rope bridges provide some excitement!

One of the rappels!

Launch of very secure platforms into the canopy of trees!

Adrenaline rush!

Plan for at least 3 hours starting from the initial gear up, training, all 5 ziplines and the return trip back to the Telluride Adventure Center. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, wear sunscreen, and bring a clip able water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the activity. If you do have a fear of heights, you may want to reconsider, but do know that you can trust the guides and the gear. You are perfectly safe throughout the zipline telluride adventure!

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