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Property Manager

Born and raised in California, Eric was introduced to business at a tender age. Learning from his father, a master electrician, he quickly learned the intricacies of running a small business and picked up useful skills along the way. In high school, he was installing keyless entry systems and security cameras. In his spare time, he and his father rebuilt a 1965 Mustang from the ground up, installing a new engine, completing bodywork, and redoing upholstery!

Fast forward to 2011. Tired of the daily 1.5-hour commute each way in California, Eric took some advice from a few close friends who were captivated by a magical ski-town in Colorado. He visited and within the day he was convinced that this was the place for him. At once he flew to California, packed his bags, and traveled straight back to his new home - Telluride.

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