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Dine on the Mountain

Why leave the mountain to grab a bite when there are so many amazing options only accessible by skiing or snowboarding? Here are a few of our favorite on-mountain restaurants only open in the winter that are accessible via the slopes:

Bon Vivant

Outdoor dining at the top of a mountain? Yes, please. Bon Vivant, a classic French restaurant, is located at the top of Lift 5 (it is also accessible via Woozley's Way) and offers stunning panoramic views of the Palmyra and Wilson Range. Seek shade under the massive umbrella and soak in the views! Be sure to try a glass of wine from the all-French wine list. 

Alpino Vino 

As one of the highest fine-dining restaurants in the United States at 11,966 feet, Alpino Vino makes an immediate impression. This quaint chalet serves up Italian Alpine comfort food with optional wine pairings for dinner. This award-winning restaurant is not to be missed. 

Gorrono Ranch

Affectionately known as "the beach" by locals, this ranch hangout spot is too great to miss! You'll catch a glimpse of Gorrono Ranch on the way up Lift 4 (it is located on Misty Maiden). Chill in an Adirondack chair with a great view of the Wilson range while enjoying live music and beer samplings! Gorrono Ranch is also a great spot to stop for a quick bite of chili or pulled pork. The end-of-season festivities are held here, too!


Giuseppe's is a local favorite! Situated at the top of Lift 9, this mountain restaurant offers New Orleans-inspired comfort food, sandwiches, snacks, soup, beer and wine. It's a great spot (with views all the way to Utah) for a quick bite during the day!


Allred's is a great option for anyone looking for great views - and great access. This restaurant is located on the mountain, but is also accessible via the gondola, making it an ideal spot to meet up with those non-skiers in the group. Cuisine is American and there is a great hand-picked wine list, too.