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Shopping in Telluride is truly a unique experience. Stroll Main Street and beyond and poke around in the many boutiques that line the streets. Ski and outdoor gear, jewelry, toys, books, home furnishings. kitchenware, flowers, art, clothing, gifts for your pets, souvenirs and more- there is a store for anything you may want while you are in Telluride.

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Between the Covers

Books & Coffee & Good Vibes

You just found your new favorite bookstore! Located on Telluride’s historic main street, this bookshop has...

(970) 728-1087

You'll Get Hooked

Looking for a great gift for that special person in your life? This is the spot to stop. Located...

Jagged Edge
(970) 728-9307

Gear for Any Mountain Adventure

Jagged Edge Mountain Gear is a family-owned gear retailer designed to meet all of your needs for...

(970) 728-4303

Gear for the Adventure Enthusiast

This beloved outdoor gear brand is situated on a picturesque corner of Telluride’s main street and offers...

(970) 728-7974

Edgy & On-Trend

Stay edgy and on-trend with the help of Sublime! Located in the heart of Telluride’s main street, this locally-owned...

T. Karn Imports
(970) 708-4350

Unique Items From Around the World

Local Tesha Karn has been traveling the world and developing the concept for her shop since...

North Face
(970) 369-0332

Never Stop Exploring

This outdoor adventure performance brand has a brick and mortar shop in Mountain Village - perfect for upgrading your...