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It's a Rockin' Good Time!

The sheer rock faces and jagged peaks of the San Juans offer a variety of climbing and bouldering routes. From beginner angles to difficult underclings, Telluride and the surrounding areas are great places to rock climb.

Our Favorite Spots to Rock Climb in Telluride:

  • The Via Ferrata - While not completely “rock climbing,” you are clipped and harnessed in for this vertical thrill. Click here for more information about the Via Ferrata. 

  • Ames Wall - Located in Ames, this 600-foot wall is mostly dakota sandstone, rhyolite and mancos shale and ranges in difficulty from 5.8 to 5.10 in difficulty.  

  • Telluride East - Telluride East has some of the most difficult and unique climbing in the area. Routes include the Streaked Wall, Family Values, Main Wall, Umbrella Wall, Fallen arches, Mine Boulder, The Good Book. Pandora Wall, The Falls Walls, Last Light Wall and the Via Ferrata. 

  • Telluride South - The southern area of Telluride is home to the Wasatch Trail Wall, Sesame Street Climbs, Needle Rock, Wasatch Boulder, Bear Creek Boulder, Rock of Ages Boulder, Fairview Wall and the Yellow Brick Wall. These routes are all 5.9 and above. 

  • Telluride North - The northern area of Telluride offers several climbing options: the Mill Creek Spire, Mill Creek Wall and the Telluride Edge. While difficulty ranges, the easiest route is a 5.3 and go up to 5.12.

  • Bilk Creek - The Bilk Creek Wall is a 60-foot wall located on private land that is great for top-rope climbing. While it is on private land, the owner tolerates climbing, as long as the road is not blocked. The climbs range from 5.8 to 5.11.

  • Ophir - Ophir has a variety of rock climbing options, including the Ophir Wall and Cracked Canyon. Ophir Wall has single and multi-pitch slabs and a grade range of 5.6-5.10, while Cracked Canyon has over 100 routes in the 5.7-5.10 range with a few 5.3s and 5.13s mixed in. 

Have questions about rock climbing or guided trips in Telluride? Reach out to our local team at (855) 940-2866 or click here and we’ll share all of the details.


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