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A Winter Adventure

Fat bikes were made for big adventures! With tires nearly 5 inches wide, fat bikes provide a great way to glide across the snow during the winter in telluride. W

Our Favorite Places:

  • Valley Floor - The Valley Floor is the perfect place to learn how to ride a fat bike. The Valley Floor has groomed trails specifically for fat bikes - so be sure to steer clear of the groomed nordic skiing trails. The Valley Floor offers unparalleled views of the San Miguel River and San Juans. Click here for more information about the Valley Floor groomed trail. 
  • River Trail - The River Trail is another great way to enjoy a fat bike in Telluride! A continuation of the Valley Floor, this trail runs through Telluride and goes all the way to the end of the box canyon! The River Trail is multi-use, and there may be pedestrians, pets or skiers on this trail as well. 
  • Bear Creek Falls - This is for anyone looking for a strenuous bike ride! This out-and-back trail is completely uphill on the way to the falls but provides stunning views and the frozen waterfall at the end is worth it! This is an avalanche-prone area, so be sure to have the proper gear when riding this trail. 
  • Around Town - Fat bikes are a great way to get around town without having to worry about the snow and ice. Cruise to work, your dining destination and more!
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