Take A Hike!

July is a wonderful month to get out in the surrounding Telluride area and take a hike. We always recommend a hike up to one of our many pristine alpine lakes! Take a hike around Telluride and discover one of the region’s wonderful high alpine lakes!

take a hike to Island Lake
Island Lake


There are many wonderful high alpine lakes near Telluride, but if you do choose to head up to one, we recommend you start early, have a plan and bring extra layers and plenty of food and water. Some of these hikes can take a little while to get to. Island Lake is a particularly beautiful hike. Situated in between Telluride and Silverton, you get to Island Lake via the Ice Lake Trail #505. The hike can take you up to 5 hours with about 10 miles and 300 feet of elevation gain. This trail is a beast, but it is beautiful, and you get to see Ice Lake on the way up too. Two alpine lakes for the price of one!

Take a hike to Ice Lake
Ice Lake


If you prefer something a little shorter, but still challenging, We recommend Silver Lake, just outside the end of Telluride. You access this lake by hiking up the new bridal Veil Trail, up past the power station, across the creek, then up a short but steep trail to the Silver Lake Basin. You will be rewarded with a beautiful alpine scene and relatively few people.

take a hike to Silver Lake
Silver Lake


Another fun hike is to Blue Lake. Follow the same route up past the power station to get to Silver Lake, but instead of crossing the creek, continue up the old mining road until you hit the blue Lake trail junction. Blue Lake is a little different as you are bound to find old mining remnants along the way.

take a hike to Blue Lake
Blue Lake


If hiking just isn’t in the cards for you, then you can always take a nice drive to either Alta Lakes or Woods Lake for a nice afternoon of fishing, SUPing or just lounging on a hammock by the waters. There are even good car camping sites by both lakes.

 Alta Lakes
Alta Lakes
 Woods Lake
Woods Lake

Whatever your fancy, There is a beautiful alpine lake near Telluride waiting for you to explore. So get out there and take a hike!

If you want more information on some of the great hikes around the region, check out the US Forest Service website, or pick up a guide book at our local bookstore Between The Covers!

And if you need a place to stay to rest your weary hiking legs, check out our WEBSITE for lodging options!