Our Rating System

Alpine Lodging Telluride offers accommodations in Telluride and Mountain Village for every price range. Our properties are organized within a Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze rating system that ensures our clients are aware of the available amenities and help set appropriate expectations of decor at each location. The ratings for individual units are relative to each property based on the property's overall quality.


To receive a Platinum Alpine Lodging Telluride rating, a property will have high-end appointments, fixtures, and furnishings in a unified and updated décor. Amenities may include the latest electronics, along with a private hot tub, sauna, or steam showers. The property interior should include a formal dining room or area, media rooms, and/or additional services such as valet or concierge service, or fitness facilities.

Kitchens and bathrooms play a large part in the Alpine Lodging Telluride Platinum rating, with top-of-the-line appliances, dishes and glassware, and functionality. Square footage also contributes to the top score, with ample bedrooms and bathrooms, and roomy living spaces.

Why Go Platinum?

  • If you would like to vacation in Telluride or Mountain Village surrounded by the finest furnishings and truly enjoy the best in luxury appointments, start by selecting the highest-rated properties.
  • For the added luxuries of a private hot tub, or jetted tubs and steam showers, look first at the Platinum category, though these can also be found in many Gold-rated properties.
  • Should you plan to eat in or entertain while on vacation, platinum property dining areas are inviting and spacious with top of the line appliances and a fully stocked kitchen to make the occasion memorable.
  • If you're looking for state of the art media systems, platinum properties offer the latest and most up-to-date offerings.


Gold-rated Alpine Lodging Telluride condominiums and hotel options are typically recently built, recently remodeled, or extensively redecorated, with tastefully chosen finishes and furnishings. Modern, upgraded kitchens and/or bathrooms and other upgrades that make a place feel special (i.e. hardwood floors, artwork, wet bar, leather sofas, custom tile) have been included in the designs. The rental will also typically include up-to-date electronics and appliances.

Why Choose Gold?

  • When you want Telluride lodging that has that little ‘extra' appeal, when you're looking to please, or when you don't want to be disappointed, Gold is a good place to start.
  • Spacious and complete but not over-the-top, these Telluride condo rentals are beautifully crafted and incredibly comfortable.
  • For the complete package of amenities including hot tub, TV with DVD player, fireplace, deck or balcony, views, jetted tub or steam shower, and convenient parking, the Gold properties will most likely have it all.


The Telluride rentals that receive the Silver rating have been updated in the past decade, either partially or completely remodeled. The décor holds true to a style or period, and furnishings are appropriate for the space. Every Silver-rated unit has some extra amenities, such as access to hot tubs, wireless internet, or a fireplace, as well as modern kitchens and bathrooms. Almost all have their own washer/dryer.

In the Silver category, you can tell these accommodations have been cared for. And it's the most broadly defined grouping, resulting in some Silvers with a nearly-gold appeal, and others just passing the grade.

Why Choose Silver?

  • With the Silver-rated properties, you get the best of both worlds - affordable and nice.
  • Looking for a place to "come home to" after a day of hiking or skiing? Kick off your boots and get comfy in one of options.


The Telluride vacation rentals that have a Bronze rating are generally furnished in a simple style. The décor may be dated, but functional.

If the condo or hotel room has not had a major makeover in 10 years or is partially updated (i.e. new bathrooms only), it will fall in the Bronze category. For lodging that is quite adequate for safe, warm, clean stays, without any pretense, this is the rating that fits.

Why choose Bronze?

  • The best value in Telluride lodging can be found among the Bronze-rated properties.
  • When you'd rather save your dollars to spend on eating at one of the great local restaurants, taking in a show, or finding the live music, Bronze will do just fine.
  • For those whose time on skis/snowboards or hiking the high-country or attending the festivals will consume the vast majority of waking hours, and a place to shower and sleep is all that is needed to complete the plan, look into Bronze properties first.