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Mary Higgins

Luxury Concierge


Mary counts herself as a mixture of both lucky and a bit crazy for stumbling upon Telluride in 2017 for an afternoon of work, and deciding the next time she would be back, would be to move to town. She and her two large, loving pups, Balou and Gnome enjoy all that the SouthWest lifestyle has to offer. From hiking to climbing, kayaking to surfing snow, river trips and off-grid adventures, to checking out the latest local art and food, you can find her out and about in all seasons. Originally from San Francisco, Mary has lived across the nation as well as abroad in several countries, including France, Kenya and Morocco. She holds a Masters of Philosophy from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and continues to educate herself in a variety of studies. However, with all the travel, no place else on earth has felt quite like home to her the way Telluride does. She is thrilled to be here and to welcome you during your stay!