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7 Aug 2020
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Because what’s a vacation without your favorite four-legged pal? Telluride is one of the most dog-friendly towns around, and a simple walk down Main Street will prove that. From small, pampered dogs to dogs itching to go exploring in the river, you’ll see all kinds of dogs in Telluride! If you want to bring your dog with you on your vacation, check out a few of our favorite dog-friendly activities in Telluride.


Dog Hiking in Telluride
Pretty much everything you can do in Telluride, your dog can do too! From hiking (most of the trails are dog-friendly), to Jeeping (rental companies and some tours may allow your pet to come), SUPing and camping, your beloved four-legged family member can absolutely come along, too. Please remember to follow all leash laws and to pick up after your pet - we all share and enjoy these trails.

Treats on Main Street

Puppy Parking Telluride
While most stores in Telluride don’t allow dogs inside, there are always water bowls outside - and plenty of treats for all! Many shops even have “dog stations” for you to tie up your dog outside while you enjoy shopping or dining inside. Make sure you ask the local UPS drivers for a treat - they love pampering the local dogs.

Dog-Friendly Transportation

Dog-Friendly Gondola Telluride

In Telluride, we know dogs have to get around, too. The Gondola, Telluride’s free transportation system between Telluride and Mountain Village, has dog-friendly cabins perfect for commuting back and forth! In addition, the Galloping Goose, Telluride’s local bus system, is also pet-friendly. Please remember to leash your pets on all public transportation.

Dog Shops

Pet Shop Telluride
Because every dog deserves to be pampered, right? Whether you need more dog food or simply want to upgrade a collar or bowl, stop by PET Telluride! Located in downtown Telluride, this shop has everything your dog could ever need - and more.

Dog-Friendly Hotels and Accommodations

Pet-Friendly Lodging Telluride
While Telluride is extremely dog-friendly, not all accommodations in town are. Alpine Lodging Telluride has plenty of pet-friendly condos (up to two dogs per unit with a $30 nightly fee). From hotel rooms to four-bedroom homes, there’s plenty of room for the family - and Fido, too. The Hotel Columbia, Mountainside Inn and the Bear Creek Lodge are a few of other of our favorite pet-friendly options! Not all rooms are pet-friendly, so please notify the staff in advance if you are planning on bringing a pet.

Dog-Friendly Dining

Dog-Friendly Dining
Because humans have to eat, too! Telluride has plenty of dog-friendly outdoor dining options. While many restaurants do not allow dogs on the actual patios (due to food and beverage licenses), many dogs can be found tied up on the outside of the patio next to their owners. Some of our favorite dog-friendly patios include Oak, High Alpine Coffee inside Between the Covers, and the Butcher and the Baker.

Pet Sitting

Dog-Sitting in Telluride

While we all love bringing our pets everywhere with us, sometimes they can’t make the hike or simply need a day off from all of the adventurings. Tricks and Treats Pet Sitting is a local service that offers daycare, walks and anything else you may need. Rover, the pet-sitting app, also has several options available in the Telluride area.

Support Local Pups

Second Chance Thrift Shop
So many of the dogs you’ll see around Telluride were rescued from local shelters and communities. While you’re in Telluride, you can support local shelters by visiting the Second Chance Thrift Shop right on Main Street, which benefits the Second Chance Humane Society.