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Telluride Rentals With A Pool

Discover what ultimate relaxation means with our selection of Telluride rentals with a pool. Enjoy the convenience of your own private or semi private pool with gorgeous views of the San Juan Mountains. Our curated collection of vacation rentals are equipped with the best amenities to enhance your stay and help you enjoy everything Telluride has to offer from the comfort of your own poolside paradise.

In this mountain town, most pools are limited to summer season use (Memorial Day to late August). A few complexes around town enjoy a year-round pool, including the Bear Creek Lodge and the Villas at Cortina. The Town of Telluride also maintains a public pool in Town Park, which is open from early June to late August.

Book directly with Alpine Lodging Telluride and ensure you get the best rates on lodging in Telluride.

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Are the pools with these rentals private?

It depends. Depending on which rental is available, some rentals will come equipped with their own private pool or will offer a pool that is shared by the entire building.

Are the pools opened year-round?

This will be dependent on the rental. Most of our rentals must adhere to strict HOA guidelines, including the timeframe pools are open. Be sure to check with the property management team to check when pools are available for swimming throughout the year.

Are children allowed in the pools?

Yes, children are welcome to take a dip in one of our pools. However, it is highly recommended that all children under the ages of 13 years old are accompanied and supervised by an adult.